Why Texas Artists Paint Dogs and Cats

Paws for a Purrpose, an art event in Texas, is unveiling 60 life-size hand-painted dog and cat sculptures created by 42 top Texas artists, all to benefit animal welfare.

Paws for a Purrpose was the brainchild of artist Allison Gregory. While participating in the Cow Parade, a fundraising effort that supported the Children’s Hospital in Austin, Allison’s Paws idea was born: Get Texas artists to creatively enhance life-size fiberglass sculptures of cats and dogs and have the sculptures benefit abandoned and abused pets.

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Since the initial idea, 42 artists in Texas were recruited to work on fiberglass sculptures, creating 60 cats and dogs, two guitars and two mini-cows. There are a variety of breeds and poses decorated as each artist’s unique creation.

Even Willie Nelson got into the act. In support of the project, he signed a mini- cow called “COW-boy Country” decorated by Allison herself.

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After the initial unveiling this summer, these sculptures will be on display at the South Texas College of Law for the public to view.

In September and October, they will be distributed and displayed at prominent businesses in Dallas, Houston, and Austin until they reach their forever homes at an auction that will take place at the Downtown Club in Houston Center on Nov. 7th.

In the picture above: “Cat Nippy-Hippy” – designed by artist Allison Gregory was signed exclusively for this event by Natalie Maines and Ben Harper. Photo courtesy: Paws for a Purrpose

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