Wild Animal Sanctuary Getting $100,000 Donation

The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) is receiving a gift in the amount of $100,000 from the estate of an avid animal lover. It has been named one of the main beneficiaries in the late Sam Goldman estate. The representatives of Mr. Goldman’s estate will present the check to TWAS on the morning of June 6, 2011.

Sam Goldman had a great love of wild animals and specifically wanted his assets to go toward charitable organizations whose mission is to protect and care for animals. After his representatives visited The Wild Animal Sanctuary and met with executive director, Pat Craig, they decided to donate the money to it.

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“We commend Sam Goldman for wanting to help the animals he cared for so much. It is the remarkable generosity of people like Mr. Goldman that allows us to continue our mission,” said Pat Craig.

The donation will help The Wild Animal Sanctuary continue its mission of rescuing large carnivores from abusive or illegal situations and provide them lifelong homes on wild open spaces.

TWAS is currently home to more than 290 large carnivores and feeds more than 19,000 pounds of food per week. The Wild Animal Sanctuary was recently part of a history making rescue involving 25 African lions confiscated from circuses in Bolivia.

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All of the lions have been rehabilitated and now roam freely in a natural 80 acre habitat. The cost to feed, house and care for the new lions is nearly $200,000 a year.

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center, Inc., DBA The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 320 acre refuge for large carnivores that have been confiscated from illegal or abusive situations.

The Sanctuary is located 30 miles northeast of Denver, Colorado near the town of Keenesburg.

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