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I first died in 1998 after a prolonged emotional sickness. It was a kind of near-death experience (NDE) for me and I was clinically dead. I existed like a walking dead or a zombie for almost four years. In 2001, however, a strange incident happened to me that resulted in my rebirth.

At that time, God met me in person. Believe me. That was the first time I believed in God, as I could see the God right in front of me. I could touch the God and I could speak with God.

On that evening of 2001, I could experience a different sensation in my mind and body and the very presence of God infused life again in my dead body. It was my rebirth. I started living again and experienced the presence of God with me in every moment of my life.

After living like this for seven years, I died again in 2007 when the God went away from me. Today, in 2014, I am still in a deep coma, oblivious of everything happening around me. I am virtually in a state of unconsciousness and extreme pain.

I started my quest several years ago to know the cause of this persisting pain in my life and even when I am unconscious. I struggled to find the ways to reduce my pain. After constant penances and regular meditation for years, I could achieve only an iota of relief.

That relief came to me in the form of knowledge. That is, I could know that I do not know anything and whatever I have learned in my entire life is not useful to cure my pain. But in this attempt, I could know myself to some extent. I could discover my identity to some extent.

Now, I want to share my experiences and original thoughts through the following write-ups, with the hope that they might help others who are spending painful lives in the world.

Thank You

Rakesh Raman

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