Elections and Politics in the U.S.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Photo: Joe Biden Campaign
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Photo: Joe Biden Campaign

Elections and Politics in the U.S.

Raman Media Network (RMN) Company – which is working in diversified content creation, management, and distribution businesses on a global scale – had launched the Ultimate Presidential Fight (UPF) editorial section before the U.S. presidential election. 

As the quadrennial presidential election took place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump, the 45th incumbent president, this editorial section has evolved to cover overall American politics and other developments.

RMN has launched this multifaceted editorial section to objectively inform Americans and stakeholders in other parts of the world about the U.S. economic and political situation which has an impact on the entire world.

Elections and Politics in the U.S.

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Biden Administration from January 20, 2021

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Joe Biden Sued for Complicity in Genocide and Gaza Violence ]

Donald Trump Clashes with Judge in Civil Fraud Case ]

[ Biden Impeachment Inquiry: Interrogate Biden for $3 Billion Predator Drones Deal ]

Defeat Biden Campaign: Biden Comes as a Salesman to India ]

[ How Joe Biden Is Responsible for Communal Violence in India ]

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[ Over 70 U.S. Lawmakers Urge Biden to Discuss with Modi Human Rights Violations in India ]

[ Shameless Biden Ignores #ModiNotWelcome Protest Against Modi in the U.S. ]

[ BBC Documentary on Modi’s Role in Gujarat Violence to be Screened in the U.S. ]

[ Open Letter to Dishonest U.S. President Joe Biden ]

[ U.S. Imposes Sanction on Russians for Invasion of Ukraine ]

[ U.S. Joins Hands with Private Sector to Combat Corruption ]

[ Dishonest U.S. Leaders Ignore Corruption and Human Rights Abuses in India ]

[ Select Committee Accuses Trump of Multiple Crimes, But Trump Is Above the Law ]

[ How the U.S. Combats Global Corruption and Human Rights Abuses ]

[ After Winning Elon Musk Poll, Trump Not Willing to Rejoin Twitter ]

Elon Musk Launches Poll to Reinstate Donald Trump on Twitter ]

[ Twitter Spews Lies Across the World: President Biden ]

[ U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iran’s Morality Police for Human Rights Abuses ]

[ U.S. Demands Release of Jailed Kremlin Critic Alexei Navalny ]

U.S. Signs Ratification Papers for NATO Membership of Finland and Sweden ]

[ U.S. Offers Reward to Know Russian Interference in U.S. Elections ]

U.S. Releases List of Section 353 Corrupt and Undemocratic Actors ]

[ U.S. Offers Reward for Information on Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections ]

U.S. Lawmaker Ilhan Omar Introduces Resolution on Human Rights Violations in India ]

Attacks on Religious Freedom in India Increase Under Modi Government: U.S. Report ]

[ Shameless U.S. Politicians Disturbed by Human Rights Abuses in China, But Not in India ]

[ Uprooting Corruption: Defending Democratic Values ]

[ U.S. Pledges $600 Million to Combat Global Environmental Threats ]

U.S. Report Highlights Corruption and Human Rights Abuses in India ]

[ U.S. Sets Up Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy ]

U.S. Earmarks $424 Million for Global Democratic Renewal ]

[ Truckers in the U.S. Protest Against Covid Restrictions ]

Biden and NATO Fail to Stop Russian Attack on Ukraine ]

[ Despite Vaccination, U.S. Covid Death Toll Crosses 900,000 ]

[ U.S. Deplores China’s Sanctions on U.S. Officials ]

[ U.S. Extends Support for Multilateral Response to the Covid-19 Crisis ]

[ Biden Warns of a Winter of Severe Illness and Death with Omicron ]

[ U.S. Releases List of International Anticorruption Champions ]

[ U.S. Fails to Understand That Sanctions Do Not Work in Belarus ]

[ U.S. Commends Australia for Legislation to Sanction Corrupt Actors ]

[ U.S. Announces Lead-up Events for the Summit for Democracy ]

[ Biden Administration Releases List of Countries Invited in Summit for Democracy ]

[ How the U.S. Ignores Religious Freedom Violations in India ]

[ U.S. Leaders Urged to Protect Environmental Rights of People in Delhi ]

U.S. Launches Global Covid-19 Access Tracker ]

U.S. Report Recommends Sanctions on India for Violations of Religious Freedom ]

[ U.S. and Global Partners Launch Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate ]

[ U.S. Launches Climate Entrepreneurship for Economic Development Program ]

U.S. Updates Travel Policy Requiring Covid-19 Vaccination ]

[ American States Take Action Against Authoritarian Regime in Nicaragua ]

John Kerry Announces U.S. Energy Compact at UN Event ]

[ Opposition Mounts to Biden’s Tyrannical Vaccine Mandate ]

[ Biden Is Responsible for Kabul Killings: Republican Lawmakers ]

[ President Joe Biden to Host Summit for Democracy ]

[ How Biden Hides Covid Calamity and Vaccination Data ]

[ Donald Trump Sues Social Media Sites. “Allow Me In” ]

Toothless Panel Promises to Probe Trump’s Coup Attempt ]

Biden-Putin Gossip Ends. Result: Zilch ]

[ Coup in the U.S. May Reinstate Trump as President: Reports ]

[ Trump Faces Criminal Investigation, But He Will Go Scot-Free ]

[ U.S.-India Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 Partnership ]

[ U.S. Imposes More Sanctions on Russia ]

[ President Biden Invites 40 World Leaders to Climate Summit ]

U.S. Report Highlights Corruption and Lack of Transparency in India ]

[ U.S. Senators Demand Protection of Farmers’ Rights in India ]

Secretary Blinken to Discuss the Economic Impact of Covid-19 ]

[ How the U.S. Plans to Protect Journalists with Khashoggi Ban ]

[ With Trump’s Carelessness, U.S. Records 500000 Covid Deaths ]

[ Donald Trump Acquitted in Impeachment Trial ]

[ Trump Impeachment Charge Delivered to Senate ]

President Biden Promises to Restore America’s Place in the World ]

Trump Administration Before January 20, 2021

[ Trump Impeached for Provoking Mob Violence and Incitement of Insurrection ]

[ Speaker Nancy Pelosi Names Managers to Impeach President Trump ]

[ Twitter Bans Dangerous Donald Trump Permanently ]

[ Pelosi Demands Removal of Troublemaker Trump from Office ]

[ Trump Accused Of ‘Coup’ Asks Violent Mob to Remain Peaceful ]

[ Trump-Led Mob Violence Is a Case of Failed Revolt ]

[ Now Trump May Be Jailed for His Alleged Crimes ]

[ U.S. Lawmakers Reintroduce the Anti-Corruption & Public Integrity Act ]

[ Joe Biden Takes Covid-19 Vaccine Live on Television ]

[ Twitter to Hand Over Trump’s @POTUS Account to Biden ]

[ Biden-Harris Transition Announces Covid-19 Advisory Board ]

[ Biden Terminates Trumptatorship. But Trump Clones Still Exist ]

[ Twitter Blocks Trump’s False Tweet on Election Victory ]

[ Twitter Removes Trump Tweet for Spreading Misleading Covid Information ]

[ Coronavirus Finally Hits Donald Trump and Melania Trump ]

[ RMN Poll: 50% Say Coronavirus Devastation Won’t Impact Trump in Election ]

[ After 190,000 Deaths, Trump Satisfied with Coronavirus Handling ]

With Focus on Coronavirus, Biden Promises to End Hateful Trumpism ]

[ Democrats Plan to Stop Trump’s Election Sabotage Campaign ]

[ Joe Biden to VP Pick Kamala Harris: Let’s Go Win This ]

[ RMN Poll: Will Coronavirus Ring the Death Knell for Donald Trump in Presidential Election? ]

[ If Defeated, Trump Won’t Accept Election Results: Congressman Adam Schiff ]

[ With Mask Nobody More Patriotic Than Your Favorite President: Donald Trump ]

[ U.S. Presidential Election: Trump Says Second Win Is a Lot Easier ]

[ New Republican Ad: This November, It’s America or Trump ]

[ Coronavirus Will Ring the Death Knell for Trump in Election ]

[ Trump Plans to Illegally Occupy the White House After Losing Election: Senator ]

[ Former Bush Officials to Endorse Joe Biden and Defeat Trump ]

[ New Ad Accuses Trump of 100,000 Deaths. ‘Wrong President’ ]

[ New Trump Letter Says WHO Conspired with China to Spread Coronavirus ]

[ Trump May Refuse to Leave the White House After Losing the November Election ]

[ Tyrant Trump Is Responsible for 100,000 Covid Deaths. Period ]

[ Trump Plays Politics Over Dead Bodies, Lies About Covid Deaths ]

[ 2020 Race: Joe Biden Kicks Off Campaign with Anti-Trump Rhetoric ]

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