Now, Playful Tracks Exclusively for Cats

The Friskies brand has partnered with Pet Acoustics, a company dedicated to creating music products specifically for pets, to develop six musical tracks to inspire cats to play.

The tracks are available exclusively through The distinctive tracks Friskies Paws for Treats and Friskies Purrfect Day feature elements of percussion made by Friskies toys, food and treats; and include stimulating frequencies that inspire a playful response in cats.

Partnering with Pet Acoustics provided Friskies the opportunity to use today’s technology to further explore and develop new ways for cats to play. By releasing the series of downloadable tracks, Friskies celebrates the curious nature of cats and offers more choices for fun and play – away from the proverbial paws button, says the company.

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“Partnering with Pet Acoustics was a natural fit for Friskies,” said Alison Coburn, assistant brand manager for Friskies. “We’re always looking for unique ways to enhance cat play. Friskies recently created tablet games and phone apps for cats; and now we’re adding music. It’s one more way Friskies can help encourage people to try new and easy things to enhance their cats’ playtime.”

“Until recently, most music created for animals was based on human likes and dislikes. We just assume what pleases humans, pleases our pets,” said Janet Marlow, CEO of Pet Acoustics. “The Friskies tracks are intended to stimulate play for cats and are tailored in rhythm, flow themes and bandwidth based on feline hearing ranges.”

As part of the partnership, Friskies will release two new tracks quarterly now through June 2012; and will feature fun facts, ringtones and more from Pet Acoustics at

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