Jane Lynch Acts to Stop Mobile Phone Misuse

LG Mobile Phones says award-winning actress Jane Lynch is bringing her iconic humor and talent to the LG Text Ed program, an educational campaign for parents that addresses teen mobile phone misuse.

The program provides parents with resources so they can teach responsible phone use to their children. Lynch – the newest member of the LG Text Ed council – is featured in a series of comedic vignettes which can be viewed on www.LGTextEd.com.

Lynch, a new mom herself, employs her artistic abilities and the result is a video series that is both humorous and thought-provoking, says LG.

Lynch tackles issues such as sexting, texting while driving, mobile bullying, and other questionable teen behaviors.

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At the end of each video, Lynch directs parents to LGTextEd.com where they can find professional advice and guidance to help promote safe and responsible usage among their text- and tech-savvy families.

LG hopes the videos – and Lynch’s use of humor to address the issues – will inspire parents to face the facts about their teen’s sometimes risky and unacceptable mobile phone habits.

In the videos, Lynch plays the role of a newly reformed “text offender” who was a self-professed texting fiend regularly engaged in mobile harassment, text rage, and other irresponsible behaviors.

Lynch is busted by the police for texting while driving, and as part of her sentence, undergoes mobile rehab. Lynch re-enters society with a new-found zeal to help spread the word and LG enlists her to educate a group of uninformed parents about teen mobile misuse through a series of community service classes.

“Jane Lynch’s comedic skill and new-mom status were a perfect fit for the LG Text Ed program,” said Tim O’Brien, vice president of consumer and trade marketing. “We felt that Jane could deliver our message to parents with clarity, wit and authority – communicating the importance of the issue without lecturing or being condescending.”

“Since becoming involved with LG on this campaign, I have realized the quick pace of parenthood,” said Lynch. “So, LG brought me on board to shed some light on the issue of mobile misuse among teens. Together, we’ve created a series of videos that are entertaining yet speak seriously to parents about this growing issue.”

Flexing both her funny and authoritative bones, Lynch has created five videos for LG that address sexting, mobile harassment, texting while driving, setting boundaries with your kids, and text message decoding for parents.

Each video encourages parents to “face the facts” and “send the message” to their children that risky mobile phone behavior is unacceptable and can even be dangerous. The five videos will be rolled out over the next few months.

The videos will be housed on LGTextEd.com.

A Facebook page was also created to give parents an interactive space to continue the conversation. The LG Text Ed Facebook page allows users to talk to one another, post questions, and check up on Lynch’s latest classroom lessons.

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