My 15 Confessions as a Facebook User

Sisters, brothers, and others… you must trust me when I say I’m a sincere Facebook user. And during the past two years of my close connection with it, Facebook has become kinda lifeblood for my existence in the virtual world.

By Rakesh Raman

So, as a true Facebook follower, here I want to tell you about my experiences on it as these 15 confessions:

  1. You may think that I’m wedded to Facebook. No… No. That’s not right. I’m not addicted to Facebook. I come here to say hello to all of you – only 27 times a day.
  2. I’ve a strong belief that Facebook is totally unromantic. It always asks: “What’s on your mind?” But it never asks me what’s in my heart (mere dil mein aaj kya hai – in Hindi language).
  3. I like farms, but not FarmVille. I like fish, but not FishVille. I like cities, but not CityVille. I like “Nice & Sexy kisses,” but not on Facebook. So, I don’t like when people send me any such requests on Facebook.
  4. I always want to feel the presence of my Facebook friends around me. So I don’t feel it good when they use their mobile phones or Twitter for writing Facebook posts.
  5. Similarly, I really don’t like when I only see my friends’ posts under the “News Feed” but can’t see them in chat box. Why do they want to stay behind the scene?
  6. Dunno why people want to hide their faces on a social hangout like Facebook. To me, people without their pictures on Facebook look like ghosts.
  7. I always admire Facebook for its animal-friendly nature. It allows even animals to use its service. When I cruise through the pages, I find many good-looking cats, rats, hens, dogs, horses, etc. Surprisingly, they’ve human-like names. You can invite them to become your friends.
  8. On the other hand, I find it better when I get Facebook friendship requests from dogs, horses, cats, and rats rather than from pots, tables, chairs, and huts.
  9. I always pray to the God to give me some courage to at least read event invitations. group invitations and page suggestions on Facebook before I dump them away. Now, I just delete that volley of messages that keep hitting me all through the day – and night.
  10. I’ve a strange feeling that Facebook is fast losing its sheen, as most active members in my network have even stopped coming to the site. Now, I see only statue-like figures displayed on both sides of my monitor. So, Facebook looks like a Web ruin to me.
  11. I always respect Facebook for its kindness. It has given the chance to every Tom, Dick, and Harry to create a Page as a self-styled celebrity and bombard others with messages to become their fans. I assume real celebrities will never chase people with such desperate requests.
  12. I feel excited when people write something good on my Facebook wall instead of throwing those artificial kisses, hearts, pillows, smiles, and other gifts toward me.
  13. I disagree to the common belief that Facebook is for fun and making social connections. I use Facebook because I’m a loner, dejected, and rejected person who is trying to find solace in this artificial world. Actually, I always prefer real-world closeness.
  14. I’ve experienced that it’s very difficult to find a true friend even during our entire lifetime. So, I don’t have any real friend on Facebook. They’re all virtual links, though Facebook uses the term ‘friends’ for them.
  15. I use Facebook because it’s free. The moment it asks me to pay for using its service, I’ll simply run away.

That’s it.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of Raman Media Network.

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