Dating Site Wants Faithful Partners. Are There Any?

Fidelity Dating
Fidelity Dating

In today’s world full of cheaters and backstabbers, it may be easier to get a faithful dog. But faithful human partner? Oh no! Still, you must wish good luck to this online dating destination, which is looking for only faithful partners., a new dating site for singles who want faithful partners, is offering a limited number of free trial memberships to early enrollers.

Serious online daters who are seeking a long-term relationship with a companion who won’t cheat on them are invited to sign up right away as the free trial memberships will only be offered for a limited period of time, says the company which is running this site.

[ Also Read: Digitally Delightful Dating Platform for Loveseekers and Lovekeepers ] is the brainchild of Gary Spivak who says, “This is not a dating site for cheaters or for casual daters looking for one night stands. is for single men and women who are looking for faithful mates. Because we believe so strongly in fidelity, we chose the slogan ‘Love is precious. Stay faithful.'”

The site will officially launch in early 2015.

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    Thank you for the write up. We appreciate getting the word out about and our free premium full access trial memberships for people looking for faithful partners.
    Gary Spivak