Discovery Investigates: Do Miracles Truly Exist?

A rain of blood, images that cry real tears, people who experience Christ’s stigmata on their bodies… popular devotion explains these occurrences as miracles that carry a message from the divine.

Discovery en Espanol’s new investigative series analyzes the scientific evidence behind 16 potentially miraculous occurrences to uncover the truth. MISTERIOS DE LA FE will air Thursdays at 9PM E/P, starting June 13.

Led by journalist Gabriela Calzada and Jesuit Father Juan Carlos Henriquez, MISTERIOS DE LA FE visits places where miracles are alleged to have occurred to interpret what seem to be inexplicable enigmas.

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In each instance, Calzada and Henriquez try to put together the pieces of the puzzle, aided by interviews with specialists and scientists. They speak to the locals to get their version of the story and analyze the personal and social issues behind these unusual cases.

Taking into account the moving human stories that surround developments that many consider to be miraculous, the eight-part series explores some of the most fascinating phenomena in the world of religion.



The mysteries examined in the series include: Rain of Blood (Colombia), The Miracle of the Virgin of Juquila (Mexico), Stigmata (Mexico and Brazil) and the Miracles of La Santa Muerte, or Holy Death (Argentina).

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