Meet Penelope Cruz: A Matador’s Mistress

Oscar-winning Actress Penelope Cruz unveiled her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Friday as Xenon Pictures and Viva Pictures LLC announced the national DVD and VOD release of the romantic saga “A Matador’s Mistress.” 

The film stars Penelope Cruz (“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide”) and Adrien Brody (“King Kong,” “The Pianist”) and was written and directed by filmmaker Menno Meyes (“The Color Purple,” “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade”). 

“A Matador’s Mistress” finally gets a highly anticipated U.S. release when it arrives on DVD and Video on Demand on June 7th, according to Xenon Pictures.

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Along with international locations, steamy love scenes and stunning bullfighting sequences, “A Matador’s Mistress” features deeply moving performances by both the Spanish-born Cruz who took home the Oscar for “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” and co-star Adrien Brody who won Best Actor for “The Pianist.” 

Menno Meyes who wrote and directed the $28 million production is also an Oscar nominee for writing the screenplay for “The Color Purple.”

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Set in the 1940’s, “A Matador’s Mistress” tells the story of the most celebrated bullfighter in Spain, Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez (Adrien Brody), famously known around the world as Manolete.

Manolete’s life changes when he becomes obsessed with the beautiful and mysterious Lupe Sino (Penelope Cruz).  What unfolds is a passionate and tragic romance that ends with Manolete’s death in the bullring in 1947 at the age of 30.

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“A Matador’s Mistress” premiered at the Toronto Film Festival under the working title “Manolete.”

Xenon Pictures CEO Leigh Savidge said Xenon acquired U.S. distribution rights for “A Matador’s Mistress” in a co-venture with Viva Pictures LLC and the two companies are in talks for a theatrical release.

Xenon Pictures is an independent film and media distribution company specializing in urban dramas and independent films. 

Viva Pictures LLC is a Westwood, Ca. based multi-media distributor of films.

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