Qello Concert Films App for Android and Honeycomb

Qello, a new cloud based multi-platform digital syndication services company, has announced the release of its HD concert films app for all Android smartphones and Honeycomb powered tablets.

Transforming the live music experience, the Qello app is outfitted with a variety of HD concert films available, ranging from the Rolling Stones to Eminem, says the company.

“With this release, Android mobile and tablet consumers have unprecedented access to thousands of hours of HD concert films from the device of his or her choice,” said Qello president Bob Frank.

Qello premiers on Android products and will soon be available for other digital devices, including iPhones, iPads, IPTV, gaming consoles, and the web, according to the company.

The Qello app allows for intuitive navigation with concerts categorized by featured, what’s hot, and trending. Users can browse by decade, genre, and artist name or use the Timeline tool to walk through the history of the music catalog.

The announcement was made today, July 6. 

Qello is a cloud based, digital syndication service that streams HD quality content across new media devices through a proprietary platform.

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