World Record for Most People High-Fiving

The new official record set by is 3,504—well over the previous record of 2,176. On March 5th at 7:14 pm PST, during the West Coast Conference (WCC) Men’s Championship game, set a new world record for the most people high-fiving simultaneously, as confirmed by Guinness World Records, it said Monday, March 12.

The record-breaking event was achieved during the second half of the game, when fans gathered at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas and simultaneously high-fived each other—becoming part of Guinness World Records history., a leading destination in online apparel and footwear sales, has sponsored the WCC for the last four years and this year.

“We’ve broken many different retailer records over the years, but I can honestly say that being part of a Guinness World Records event really reinforces our core value of ‘creating fun and a little weirdness,’” said Matt Burchard, sr. director of Marketing,

“Bringing all of the fans together to participate and share in the record-breaking attempt during the WCC championships is definitely something that will long live in Zappos infamy. It’s been really fun and exciting to create a sense of community and camaraderie at the game.”

As part of the record-breaking attempt, fans were given “world record” wristbands as they entered the arena, and school mascots and the cheer team from Gonzaga & St. Mary got the crowd stoked to participate with a quick run-down and demonstration of what a proper high-five is.

An official Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand to explain to the crowd what the official record-breaking title would be and the rules everyone needed to follow in order to achieve the goal.

When it was determined that Zappos and the fans had indeed set a world record for the most people high-fiving simultaneously, a thunderous round of applause was shared as the Jumbotron PA announced the record and flashed the exciting news.

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Rakesh Raman