Acetrax Movie Service for Samsung TVs, Players

Acetrax says it will deliver movies and TV shows to Internet@TV enabled Samsung TV and Blu-ray devices. Acetrax gives customers instant access to a continuously updated selection of the latest releases from major Hollywood studios.

Movies on the Acetrax service will be available in Q4 2010 for 24-hour rental or purchase. Acetrax is claimed to be the first movie retailer in Europe that gives customers the freedom to rent and buy movies directly through their TVs.

The movies can be stored in their digital online library and played back on up to 4 devices including connected Samsung TVs, Blu-ray players, home audio systems and laptops (PC or Mac).

At launch, a selection of popular Hollywood movies including Paramount Pictures’ Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Up In The Air will be available for purchase through the Acetrax service in all territories.

Buyers will also be able to choose from a constantly updated catalogue of new releases as well as classic titles such as The Godfather for 24-hour rental or purchase. Users can enter the Acetrax movie store from their Samsung TV or from their computer through

“The music industry was transformed by a service connected to a device. We believe the same will happen with the movie industry and a connected TV service with no monthly subscription. Acetrax is dedicated to providing this together with Samsung,” says Leslie Golding, CMO Acetrax.

Samsung TV models with Internet@TV that will have the Acetrax movie service include the following:

LED TVs – C6500, C6540, C6600, C6620, C7000, C8000, C9000        

LCD TVs – C650, C652, C654, C750; Plasma – C6500, C7000    

Blu-ray players: BD-C5300, BD-C5500, BD-C6500, BD-C6900, BD-C7500, BD-C8200, BD-C8500 Blu-ray HTS (home theatre system)    

The Acetrax movie service is not available on models under 32 inches.

Acetrax is a multi-territory digital movie retailer, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers consumers digital content to rent or buy for TV, PC and mobile devices from a choice of films, TV series and music concerts.

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Rakesh Raman