Ad Campaign Bares All to Cover Your Family

The Alameda County Social Services Agency is raising some eyebrows in its quest to enroll thousands of low-income residents in Medi-Cal health insurance.

The new ad campaign, “Cover Your Family,” features minimally clad families including parents, grandparents and children, covering themselves with signs touting the need for medical insurance.

According to Lori A. Cox, agency director, “Our message is that you wouldn’t let your family go without clothes – why let them go without health coverage?”

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program providing health insurance to low-income families, pregnant women, children, seniors, disabled people and refugees.

Thousands of residents of Alameda County are eligible for Medi-Cal, yet are not enrolled. As a result, people are not receiving routine preventive medical care, which can lead to more serious health concerns and higher costs for their care down the road.

The “Cover Your Family” ads will run in English and Spanish and will be featured on billboards, buses, transit shelters and convenience stores throughout Alameda County. The campaign will run through April 2013.

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