Bally Boots for Climbing the Mount Everest

Bally is revealing the first pieces from its exclusive Everest collection for men and women, created to coincide with this month’s 60th Anniversary of the first summit of Mt Everest in May 1953.

Although Bally’s Everest connection may be unknown to many, this anniversary provides an opportunity to discover the story.

When Sherpa Tenzing Norgay took his steps towards the top of the world on May 29, 1953 alongside Sir Edmund Hillary, he made that journey in a pair of Bally Reindeer-Himalaya boots, forever linking the Swiss brand to this momentous achievement, says the company.

The Bally Archive is home to an exact replica of Tenzing’s original boots that will be on-display in London as part of a celebratory event organised by the Mount Everest Foundation in conjunction with The Himalayan Trust UK.

A day-long celebration hosted by Rebecca Stephens, the first British woman to climb Everest, will be held at London’s Royal Geographical Society on May 29.

The Swiss brand has maintained its link to the conquest of Everest by creating the men’s Himalaya boot as the collection’s centrepiece, available as Made-To-Order only in selected stores from the anniversary date.

The selected Bally boutiques will preview the Himalaya boot with instore displays dedicated to the anniversary while giving customers the chance to pre-order the boot at the same time.

Also on sale in selected stores from May 29 will be the women’s Hillary hiking boot and the men’s Vincens alpine boot, while the entire Everest collection will be available later in the year.

Finally, as part of a year-long celebration that kicked-off with an exclusive event held in London in January 2013, Bally will take its own Everest Exhibition on the road to major cities around the world from September.

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Rakesh Raman