Coty Introduces Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine

Leading beauty company Coty introduced Friday Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine, stated to be an irresistible scent that is perfectly feminine for today’s modern, sexy woman.

“I’m enjoying such a beautiful, pure moment in my life,” explains Halle. “Jasmine is such a timeless, beautiful floral note, and I loved the way the perfumer interpreted it as a modern take on a classic ingredient. I wanted this fragrance to be a reflection of, beautiful, yet empowered femininity.”

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Coty believes that like Halle herself, Exotic Jasmine is modern, sensual and captivating.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry

The scent was developed by Symrise perfumer David Apel. He was inspired to create a fragrance that evoked Halle’s soft femininity and modern sexiness.

Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine captures the actress’s timeless femininity and allure in an exhilarating, irresistible blend—an ode to Halle’s radiant beauty and striking presence, reveals Coty.

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