Fragrances for Men: Racing and Just Sport

LR Health & Beauty Systems is launching two new fragrances for men. “Just Sport” and “Racing” represent the new sports fragrances from the leading cosmetics manufacturer.

“Just Sport” is the combination of sportiness, elegance and masculinity. Fresh citrus fruits, sharp notes of ginger and spicy cardamom are combined with notes of sensuous wood and musk – for a casual, relaxed lifestyle.

In cooperation with “Givaudan”, a Swiss-based manufacturer of flavourings and fragrances, a sporty daytime fragrance has been developed that offers a combination of dynamic freshness and a confident, elegant appearance.

It’s going from zero to one hundred with “Racing”, an exciting, dynamic fragrance for men who love a challenge and constantly redefine success.

While initially notes of citrus, orange, cardamom, carnation and basil beckon, the next round reveals a heart note of jasmine, lavender and cedar wood with a base note of amber, musk and vanilla.

“Racing” has been developed in cooperation with one of the premier essential oil producers – the Munich-based “drom” fragrance house.

Both fragrance series are available as Eau de Parfum (EUR 24.95 each), After Shave (EUR 15.95 each) and a perfumed Hair and Body Shampoo (EUR 12.95 each).

LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH is one of Germany’s leading direct sales enterprises for body care and beauty products.

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Rakesh Raman