Do Not Curse Indian Cricket Team for Its Defeat in England

Do Not Curse Indian Cricket Team for Its Defeat in England

By Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman
Rakesh Raman

India suffered a crushing 3-1 defeat from England in the 5-match test cricket series that concluded Sunday.

People in India are angry with captain M.S. Dhoni and his men who have always given a bad name to the country whenever they have gone abroad to play.

But I feel they shouldn’t be cursed.

Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Inexperience

Although India has a population of 1.25 billion, our players who played in England were mostly inexperienced, as Dhoni had also suggested. And because of certain unavoidable reasons, we couldn’t find 11 experienced players for playing against England. Then why do you expect a naïve lot to perform? They will certainly perform after gaining sufficient experience in the next 10 years or so. Keep watching.

2. Fast Bowling

It was mainly because of James Anderson and Stuart Broad who never allowed Indians to bat. Both these England bowlers bowl so fast that Indian players were not able to even see the ball properly. Then how do you expect them to play when they are not able to see the ball? Plus, they have to protect their limbs. That’s why they were mostly interested to sit in the pavilion and watch the match peacefully instead of facing the bullet-like deliveries of Anderson and Broad in the field.

3. Weather

Weather was another factor that always helped England bowlers. Agreed, it was the same weather for Indian bowlers too, but somehow it appeared that it was helping only the local bowlers – Anderson and Broad – deliver lethal deliveries. Perhaps, it was not a “level-playing” field. Obviously, Indians will be defeated. It’s a simple outcome.

4. Batting

England batters were equally brutal. They never hit where the Indian fielders were positioned. As a result, they kept scoring runs as if no fielder was present. And when they offered a catch, it was so fast, it slipped out of the fingers of Indian fielders. You can’t blame Indians for which England batters were responsible.

5. Double Focus

You can’t expect some of the top Indian cricketers to focus on the field and when they are out of it. After all, they are young and they have to manage their love interests. They are mostly focused on their off-field interests. It’s your mistake when you ask them to forget their “significant others” and play only cricket.

6. Fatigue

Moreover, Indian cricketers were tired. After all, they are also humans. When they would keep running after the ball hit by England batters, they would certainly feel fatigued. That’s why they always proffered to accept defeat in just three days in a five-day match and take sufficient rest before the next match. This is a human need for which they can’t be blamed.

7. Confidence

You will see that Indian cricketers will soon regain their confidence when they will call a team from Bangladesh or Kenya or Zimbabwe to play in India. Agreed, these countries are not quite known for playing cricket. But match is a match. And in all probability India will win. Then you shouldn’t criticize our players for their defeat in England.

8. Circus Cricket

Also, in a few months’ time, you will see them play with full dedication in the circus cricket called IPL. In all those games, India will win because Indians play in all the matches. You can’t expect them to play with the same dedication for the country because IPL provides more monetary and peripheral benefits to them after each match. Playing for money is more important for them than playing for the country. That’s also among the solid reasons that they failed to perform in England.

Given these reasons, it will be foolish on our part to blame the poor Indian cricketers who faced a humiliating defeat in England. We are not supposed to curse them for the fault of others and factors that are beyond their control.

Rather, we should always support them for all their defeats on the home grounds as well as foreign land. And you will get many such opportunities to support them in future.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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