Hindutva Forces Threaten Indian Democracy: Communist Party

21st Party Congress of Communist Party of India (CPI-Marxist)
21st Party Congress of Communist Party of India (CPI-Marxist)

The 21st Party Congress of Communist Party of India (CPI-Marxist) will be held at Vishakhapatnam on April 14-19, 2015. The Party has released its Draft Political Resolution for the event.

According to the resolution, the United States is exerting to retain its hegemony in the face of rising difficulties. Its military interventions in West Asia have caused havoc and destruction and is responsible for the rise of Islamist extremism in Iraq, Libya, Syria and other places.

The US pivot to Asia with a view to contain China is another step to retain its hegemony. The United States has assigned India a key role in the strategy which the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is eager to embrace as seen in the Joint Vision Statement issued during the Obama visit, it says.

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The Resolution observes that the advent of the Modi government has led to the multi-pronged campaign of the RSS-Hindutva forces which threatens the secular democratic basis of the Republic.

The reconversion, attacks on minority rights, retrograde patriarchal notions of women and glorification of Nathuram Godse are part of this Hindutva project. The RSS interaction with the government has got institutionalized.

The Draft Political Resolution spells out concrete steps to be taken in the political, social, cultural and educational fields to counter the communal ideology and the activities of the Hindutva forces.

While the main direction of the CPI-M struggle is against the BJP, the Party will continue to oppose the Congress. It has pursued neo-liberal policies and it is the Congress-led UPA government’s anti-people policies and corruption which helped the BJP to acquire popular support. The Party will have no understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress.

The Party will actively work to rally the Left and democratic forces so that a Left and democratic front can be forged step by step.

Photo courtesy: CPI-M

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