People of India Protesting Against Narendra Modi Government on January 18, 2017
People of India Protesting Against Narendra Modi Government on January 18, 2017
Politics in India

Two facts of Indian politics:

Fact 1. All politicians are corrupt.

Fact 2. If you think some of them are not corrupt, see Fact 1.

Today, India is standing at the crossroads where the country’s 1.25 billion people are facing a grave threat from their own political rulers who have been exploiting the sentiment of people for the past about seven decades after India got independence from the Britishers in 1947.

While almost all politicians here are corrupt – many are facing serious criminal charges – they have been winning elections by dividing voters on the basis of their caste, creed, color, and religious affiliations.

Plus, there is a dangerous nexus between these shady politicians and capitalists who want to stay in power by hook or by crook. Together, they have reduced India to a level of criminalized kleptocracy, in which all the four pillars of democracy have collapsed.

The following data will tell you the extent of damage that Indian politicians of all political parties have done to the country and its people. This data further shows that India continues to be an underdeveloped country.

– According to Transparency International, a global anti-corruption group, India’s rank for 2016 is 79 in a list of 176 countries that it has studied. In other words, India is more corrupt than 78 countries.

– The 2016 Global Slavery Index reveals that India has the maximum number of slaves with 18.35 million people – including men, women, and children – living in some form of slavery.

– According to a new study released in October 2016 by the World Bank Group and UNICEF, over 30 per cent of the world’s extremely poor children are living in India alone.

– Indian government does not have any respect for businesses or common citizens. In the World Bank Doing Business 2017 report, India’s Ease of Doing Business rank is a poor 130 in the list of 190 countries.

– Violence impacted India’s economy by $679.80 billion in 2016, 9% of India’s GDP, or $525 per person. Plus, India is ranked as the 141st country in the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2016 released by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

– According to World Food Programme, hunger is so severe in India that a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide live in this country.

– According to Global Hunger Index, India ranks 25th in a list of 52 countries with serious hunger situation.

– As the rich-poor gap in India has reached alarming levels, according to World Food Programme, the bottom 10 percent of the population account for only 3.6 percent of the total consumption expenditure and the top 10 percent accounts for 31 percent.

– According to the World Bank’s “ease of doing business index” which measured the business atmosphere in 189 countries in 2014, India comes at a poor rank of 142.

– In a list of 178 countries, India’s Environmental Performance Index (EPI) of 2014 stands at a deplorable rank of 155. Worse, the air quality rank of India is 174. And India’s capital New Delhi is the world’s most polluted city.

– According to a UNESCO report, India has by far the largest population of illiterate adults — 287 million or 37% of the global total.

– According to The Global Information Technology Report 2014 released by the World Economic Forum, India’s rank is a poor 83. Worse, it has fallen to this level from its 2013 rank of 68 in the world.

– As India’s human development index (HDI) – which indicates the level of skills in a country – staggers at a dismal rank of 135 in the world – there is hardly any workforce in the country that is employable in any professional job.

– Out of nearly 500 million workers in India, over 94% work in unorganized sector as pushcart vendors, street hawkers, domestic servants, and so on. This means the education standards in India are so poor that they are not producing workforce employable for respectable jobs in the organized enterprises.

– According to the World Bank, nearly 300 million people (about 25% of Indian population) are so poor that they live on less than $1.25 per day.

– Over 300 million Indians, which is 25% of India’s population, have no access to electricity.

– Despite a lot of noise about Bollywood films in India, none of them could ever win the Oscar award.

– In Olympics (from 1896 – 2012) India could win only 9 gold medals – 8 in Field Hockey and 1 in Shooting.

– In the Democracy Ranking of 2014, India appears at a poor ranking position of 70, out of a sample of 112 countries.

To inform the Indian people about the nefarious designs of politicians and involve them in constructive debate, RMN Company – which is a leading media organization – has started the REAL VOTER information hub. Here we will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of Indian politics.

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Rakesh Raman


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