PBS KIDS Debuts Web-Original Property: Plum Landing

Plum Landing
Plum Landing

PBS KIDS has announced the launch of an all-new web-original property, Plum Landing.

It is a cross-platform, digital adventure designed to engage 6- to 9-year olds in environmental science by using animated and live-action videos, hands-on activities, web games and an interactive mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Plum’s Photo Hunt.

All of the Plum Landing resources, including standards-based tools for educators, are offered for free.

Produced by WGBH, Plum Landing follows the adventures of Plum, a video game designer from the desolate Planet Blorb, who longs to experience nature.

“PBS KIDS’ mission is to use the power of media to inspire children to explore their passions and embark on their own adventures off-screen,” said Sara DeWitt, VP, PBS KIDS Digital.

Plum Landing’s website is the online hub for all 30 animated videos forming the narrative of the series, which chronicles Plum’s visit to planet Earth.

The videos include real-life explorations, activities and educational content focused on the environments that Plum and her human friends explore.

The website includes nine games of exploration, creativity and scientific discovery, and nearly 100 galleries of missions where kids can create pictures and photographs to send to Plum for possible publication. The site, built in HTML5, is mobile and cross-platform accessible.

WGBH Boston is America’s leading public broadcaster and producer of PBS content for TV and the Web.

PBS KIDS is a leading educational media brand for kids. It offers all children the opportunity to explore new ideas through television, online, mobile and community-based programs.

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