10 Deadly FAD Symptoms You Must Know

Beware of FAD pandemic. It can be more perilous than your Swine Flu. Are you suffering from FAD? Yes, if you show these symptoms:

By Rakesh Raman

1. You start thinking more about your stay on Facebook than your job, your food, your health, your relations, and even your lovely pet.

2. You are available on Facebook chat even when you’re sleeping.

3. You start using alien words and symbols on your Facebook posts – like hehehe, hahaha, wow. lol, ), !!!!!!!!!!, …….., @, etc.

4. You keep waiting for a couple of your buddies to say somethin’ on everythin’ you post on your Facebook wall.

5. You thank all for the good wishes on your birthday even when you’ve received none.

6. You want to make even the most private things public on Facebook – like the traveling plan of your spouse, your kissing habits, your sex scores based on some weird app, and even the headache of your old cat.

7. You spend more time playing Facebook games than even your teenaged son in the playground.

8. You write useless comments on others’ posts and expect others to reciprocate.

9. You start changing your own Facebook pictures and adding more in which “actually” none is interested. It’s just to artificially draw others’ gaze.

10. You go away from Facebook only to come back again instantly.

But what’s FAD? It’s “Facebook Addiction Disorder.” Today, it’s believed, nearly 500 million people across the world are suffering from it and are at various stages of the disorder. In the last stage, they start spending more time on Facebook than on anything else. They stop living in the real world and only exist on Facebook.

If you’re a victim of FAD, consult your “virtual health specialist” now.

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By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of Raman Media Network.

This article was published on Raman Media Network in July 2010. Keeping in view its popularity and relevance, it’s being republished now. – Editor

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