Callaway Golf’s HEX Black Tour Golf Ball

Callaway Golf Company has announced the March 2nd worldwide availability of the all-new HEX Black Tour golf ball. It features a host of new and proprietary technologies that differentiate this golf ball from every round, white, dimpled, 1.620-ounce ball in the game, says the company.

The engineering advancements—including an innovative dual-core construction, a durable cover material and HEX Aerodynamics—combine to deliver a five-piece golf ball with better Spin Separation and all-around performance characteristics than any previous introduction from Callaway, it says.

A golf ball that yields distance-enhancing low spin off the tee, while still providing the superior control that comes from generating more spin around the greens, has long been held as the “holy grail” of golf ball design.

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The measured differential between the high spin generated on shorter approach shots into the green and the optimal low spin off the driver for maximum distance off the tee is called Spin Separation, and Callaway’s all-new HEX Black Tour has it in spades, according to the company.

“We took a unique approach in the design of our new HEX Black Tour golf ball and the investments we’ve made in new technology over the past few years have culminated in this innovative 5-piece construction,” said Dave Bartels, sr. director, Golf Ball Research & Development, Callaway Golf.

HEX Black Tour will be available on March 2nd at a retail price of $45.99 per dozen.

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