Chopped All-Stars Returns for a Second Season

Food Network’s Chopped All-Stars returns for a second season filled with fan-favorite chefs, unexpected ingredients, and fierce competition for a $50,000 prize for charity on Sunday, April 8 at 9pm ET/PT.

In each of the five themed episodes, hosted by Ted Allen, four specially selected chefs are challenged to create three masterful courses from ingredients in the mystery basket, ranging from beef tendon and crawfish, to black beans with queso fresco and chicken feet.

Chopped All-Stars kicks off with Iron Chefs battling in the Chopped kitchen, followed by competitions between Food Network/Cooking Channel show hosts, Food Network Star finalists and Chopped judges.

A rotating roster of top-notch judges will decide who gets “chopped” each week, leading up to a final showdown between the four episode winners on Sunday, May 6 at 9pm ET/PT, where the $50,000 grand prize to the winner’s charity of choice will be awarded.

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“Chopped All-Stars proved to be a huge success in its first season, and season two really takes the challenge to another level, even pitting Iron Chef against Iron Chef and putting Chopped judges to the test,” said Bob Tuschman, general manager, Programming, Food Network.

“Food Network viewers can look forward to some incredible creativity and entertainment in the Chopped kitchen – all for a good cause.”

Emmy Award winner Ted Allen is the host of Chopped and the author of the upcoming cookbook “In My Kitchen: 100 Recipes and Discoveries for Passionate Cooks” debuting in May, 2012.

Food Network is a lifestyle network, website and magazine that connects consumers to the power and joy of food.

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