Monster Networking App BeKnown on Facebook

Online employment solutions company Monster has launched BeKnown, a professional networking app designed to allow Facebook users to establish a professional network on the popular social platform.

With BeKnown, users can seamlessly identify and connect with friends and professional contacts from multiple sources and grow their professional network, enhance their online professional identity and discover career opportunities.

BeKnown is now available for download at in 19 different languages, and is accessible by any Facebook user.

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“BeKnown answers the need and challenge in the marketplace for people to build their professional networks on Facebook while keeping personal and work-related contacts and content completely separate,” said Darko Dejanovic, global CIO and head of product at Monster Worldwide.

The company says BeKnown brings professional networking to a mass market audience that includes medical, engineering, education, retail and many other occupations.

A Monster-developed Social Referral Program (SRP) encourages BeKnown users to pass along specific jobs through their BeKnown network. It amplifies a company’s employee referral network and extends reach to passive candidates. Currently in beta, the referral program will be rolled out to select Monster customers.

The announcement was made today, June 27.

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