Panasonic Olympic Quiz Triviathlon Facebook App

Panasonic Corporation, an official worldwide Olympic partner, has launched a Facebook app Quiz Triviathlon to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Quiz Triviathlon is an easy-to-play two-choice answer per question quiz application which includes over 700 questions about the history, sports and host cities of the Olympic Games.

In this “competition of knowledge,” you must continually answer the questions correctly in order to survive; one wrong answer will end the game. You can join this campaign to accumulate your knowledge on the Olympic Games and make the London 2012 even more entertaining!

The app is at

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The Quiz Triviathlon World Championship will take place simultaneously around the world from August 10, three days before the closing of the Olympic Games.

Using cloud services, questions will be simultaneously sent to all participants worldwide to challenge for the world’s record for the longest streak of correct answers.

The World Championship is a Quiz Triviathlon which requires the highest level of intelligence, physical stamina and mental endurance, as each question will appear every minute for participants to answer within that time limit.

The highest scoring Triviathlon athletes are eligible to win a video message and autograph and a shareable special certificate with a photograph of a famous gold medalist according to the number of correct answers, says Panasonic.

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