Playboy Magazine to Glow In The Dark

Playboy is giving readers a special holiday surprise this year by publishing its first-ever, glow in the dark cover as part of the magazine’s December issue (on newsstands, Friday, Nov. 15, 2013).

This cover (shot by photographer Tony Kelly) is available on newsstands only, and features a pair of seductive legs sliding down a chimney at night.

Parts of the cover will illuminate in the dark, revealing the famous Rabbit Head logo as a constellation in the sky, once readers briefly hold it under a bright light.

“We wanted to treat our readers to something they couldn’t get from their tablet or social media,” said Playboy’s editorial director Jimmy Jellinek. “When’s the last time you had a little good old-fashioned fun in the dark?”

The glow in the dark effect is the result of a special UV varnish applied to the magazine’s cover. Copies of Playboy’s December Holiday issue will be on-sale through mid-December.

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Rakesh Raman