The Dr. Oz Show Premieres Its Fifth Season

The three-time Emmy Award-winning “The Dr. Oz Show” begins its fifth season Monday, September 9, featuring all-new episodes, celebrity interviews, and other segments.

The fifth season comes with a new segment where America’s Doctor and two-time Emmy winning host, Dr. Mehmet Oz goes undercover, dressing as a woman, to surprise viewers with the truth about health myths.

Celebrity interviews include Steven Tyler, Duck Dynasty, Sweet Brown, Wayne Brady, Kandi Burruss, Kim Coles, Cheryl Burke, Melissa and Joe Gorga, Louie Armstrong and more.

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In a first for “The Dr. Oz Show,” viewers take over an entire show via social media and get to decide all of the show topics. Segments include the best sex positions for back pain and Dr. Oz attempting to climb a 15-foot weave.

This season will also see show elements from earlier seasons such as the “Assistant of The Day” and the “Truth Tube.” Dr. Oz will feature one lucky audience member as his “Assistant of the Day” (AOD) to help him with one focal segment on that day’s show.

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The AOD will share their personal health situation with Dr. Oz and then the doctor will guide the AOD through to a possible solution.

The “Truth Tube” is a vertical on-stage monitor which gives the audience graphical insight into what’s going on in a guest’s body – from blood work to weight loss, numbers never lie.

This tool is used in interviews to illustrate a typical conversation you may have with your doctor through Dr. Oz’s fun and compassionate filter.

In the picture above: Steven Tyler is a premiere guest on the Dr. Oz Show September 10th as part of a whole new season of A list celebrities.

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