When You’re Trapped in Water with a Seat Belt…

This is claimed to be the first device in the world which automatically unlocks the belt as soon as it comes into contact with water.

Offered by Fijen To Make Life Safer (TMLS) of ​​the Netherlands, the Escape Belt is now fully developed and available, says the company.

How it works: the product uses a system from the lifejackets industry, which makes use of something called waterpill. When someone falls into the water, the life jacket inflates itself automatically.

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This waterpill is now linked to the impact mechanism of the Escape Belt which ensures that when you are in an accident in water or if the car is flooding, the unlocker will be activated at the right time.

The Escape Belt can be installed easily on almost any existing seat belt through a few simple steps with the supplied Allen key.

The installation procedure can be reached through a QR code on the packaging or through the website http://www.escapebelt.nl.

For € 29.95, the Escape Belt is available at various car accessories stores and retail companies.

Fijen TMLS is a company that makes car security products. It has a branch office in Turkey.

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