AXE Hair Teams Up with Football Stars

Football players—Eric Decker and AJ McCarron—are partnering with AXE Hair to introduce a new line of gels.

In a new AXE Hair video on the AXE YouTube Channel, Decker talks about some of the most awkward gelled looks he rocked in his younger years and how the new AXE Hair gels provide him with the strong hold he needs for his post-game style.

Quarterback AJ McCarron is eyeing the next phase of his career and his personal style. As he looks toward his fast-approaching pro football career, AXE Hair has transformed McCarron’s signature clean-cut look into a tousled, matte style with all-day hold using AXE Hair Messy Look Matte Hold Gel.

“I had some pretty awkward hairstyles back in the day, from a long, shaggy hair in high school to the short trim I had in college,” said McCarron. “I never expected gels to give me such a great look. I’m psyched that AXE Hair hooked me up with a new gel style that I can rock all day long.”

The new AXE Hair gels are specially formulated to provide 24-hour hold and gives guys the soft, touchable hair. The new line of products includes AXE Spiked-Up Look Extreme Hold Gel, AXE Clean-Cut Look Wet Shine Spray Gel, and AXE Messy Look Matte Hold Gel.

AXE Hair gels are available for a suggested retail price of $6.89. The full AXE Hair line also features shampoos and styling products.

The Unilever-manufactured AXE is a personal care brand for men.

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