Crowdsourcing Platform: Bridge to Kashmir

Bridge to Kashmir
Bridge to Kashmir

Software and services company iYogi has launched “Bridge to Kashmir,” an initiative to rebuild lives and livelihoods affected by the recent floods in Jammu & Kashmir. The company aims to raise USD 100 million towards this effort over the next two years.

iYogi has built a crowdsourcing platform to support the initiative. The site will integrate volunteer activity, with fund raising and the collection and distribution of essential relief material.

The long-term goal is to rebuild homes, schools, orphanages and other social infrastructure, along with assisting micro-enterprises and artisans in reviving their livelihood.


Readers are advised to check the background of the company and the online platform before making any financial or non-financial contribution.

iYogi’s field teams and a group of volunteers will regularly assess the on-ground needs in rural and urban areas of Jammu & Kashmir, identifying people and activities that require support. The platform also connects volunteers with the right NGO’s looking for support, and vice-versa.

The co-founders of iYogi, Vishal Dhar and Uday Challu are both from Kashmir and in the past few years, the company says it has worked on several initiatives to train and employ the youth of Kashmir.

“With Bridge to Kashmir, we’re using our network to connect the people in need with those who can offer support, and make a direct impact on the lives of those affected,” said Vishal Dhar, co-founder, iYogi.

Photo courtesy: iYogi / Bridge to Kashmir

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