Five Millionth Guest in the World of Coca-Cola

When KoEun “Emma” Lee from Duluth, Ga. decided to visit the World of Coca-Cola on the holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.’s historical birthday, she had no idea she would be making a little history of her own.

On Monday, Jan. 16, Lee became the 5 millionth guest to the Atlanta attraction since it opened at Pemberton Place on May 24, 2007.

This milestone visit sparked a celebration in Lee’s honor, including a balloon drop and 8-foot-tall Coca-Cola bottles with cake pops for all World of Coca-Cola guests to enjoy.

During a photo shoot with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, Lee was awarded a prize package including a lifetime pass to the World of Coca-Cola; a VIP guided tour of the Atlanta attraction for Lee and her parents, also visiting with her; a $500 gift certificate to the Coca-Cola Store; 50,000 My Coke Rewards points to spend on; and a Coca-Cola Polar Bear plush stuffed animal.

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A senior at Johns Creek High School originally from Incheon, South Korea, Lee said she and her parents almost chose an earlier admission time when they ordered their tickets online the night before their visit. At the last minute they decided to sleep in, making Lee the 5 millionth guest when they arrived.

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“I was so surprised, everyone was clapping for me and everyone was there with balloons. I still can’t believe this,” said Lee. “I never thought this would happen in my life. I’ve seen people winning things before, but didn’t think this could happen to me.”

In 2011, the World of Coca-Cola welcomed guests from six continents, more than 70 countries, all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

On Dec. 8, The Vault of the Secret Formula exhibit opened to the world, featuring the vault that now contains the 125-year-old secret formula for Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola Company moved the formula from SunTrust Bank to the World of Coca-Cola prior to the opening of the exhibit, where for the first time in history, the vault containing the recipe is now visible to the public.

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