Report Corruption in Delhi Housing Societies to Clean House

Click the Photo to Know About Corruption in Delhi Housing Societies. Photo: Rakesh Raman
Click the Photo to Know About Corruption in Delhi Housing Societies. Photo: Rakesh Raman

Report Corruption in Delhi Housing Societies to Clean House

If you want Clean House to report about the corruption and illegal activities in your housing society, you may please contact me with relevant documents and details.

According to the Vigilance Manual 2017 of India’s top anti-corruption organization Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), corruption is manifested in various forms such as bribery, nepotism, willful action or willful inaction to benefit someone or to deny benefit to someone known or unknown. It also states that corruption includes cases of favoritism and failure to follow laid down processes leading to unintended benefit to someone or denial of benefit to the deserving.

To: All Residents of Delhi

From: Rakesh Raman

If you have voice, raise it against corruption and injustice. Do not stay quiet. If you are not trying to stop corruption, you are part of it.

As you know, today corruption and illegal activities have gone rampant in Delhi’s cooperative group housing societies and it appears that no government exists in the city-state to control the rising tide of lawlessness in these societies.

Almost all the managing committees (MCs) of housing societies are under the control of corrupt MC members who mostly operate as money-collecting gangs. They are supported by deep-pocketed builders and corrupt bureaucrats and politicians.

Clean House

As millions of common residents are victims of the terror unleashed by the MC members of different societies, I have started an exclusive editorial section under the banner “Clean House” to help the suffering residents raise their voice against the growing injustice.

Although I have been writing extensively about corruption in India and abroad and running campaigns to stop corruption for about 20 years, now I have decided to organize my efforts with the aim to help the affected people proactively.

During the past few months, many residents from all parts of Delhi have met me to discuss the cases of corruption and lawlessness in their cooperative group housing societies. I have, therefore, decided to focus on housing societies’ corruption with this community-driven online initiative – Clean House.

It is covering the cases of corruption and other illegal activities in Delhi’s cooperative group housing societies. It also highlights government’s failure to stop corruption and lawlessness in these societies and coordinates with different government departments to get the cases resolved.

Residents affected by the corruption of MC members inform me that their formal complaints to different government departments are being ignored or government officials keep throwing their complaints from one desk to another without taking any action against the accused MC members. This bureaucratic inaction or inefficiency is also a form of corruption.

Rampant Corruption               

While the MC members of each housing society control public money worth crores of rupees, they always tend to swindle that money blatantly. In most societies, same members keep holding office positions by hook or by crook. They offer various types of bribes to voting members to win elections fraudulently. Their procedures for holding General Body Meetings (GBMs) are totally flawed. They do not follow statutory purchase processes. Their accounting procedures are defective.

Despite government orders, most societies do not have a website. The societies that have websites, do not put relevant information on them to make their operations transparent. Thus, the MC members run the society affairs in a dictatorial manner.

But the government is sleeping. Despite complaints from residents, corrupt government officials do not take any action against corrupt MC members. Finally, the distressed residents are left with no other option, but to approach the courts. But do they get justice from courts? The less said about the Indian courts, the better.

Dirty Departments

The main government departments that are systematically supporting the corrupt MC members are:

  • Registrar Cooperative Societies (RCS) of the Delhi Government
  • Delhi Development Authority (DDA)
  • Office of the Lt. Governor (LG) of Delhi
  • Office of the Chief Minister and other Ministers of Delhi
  • Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD)
  • Delhi Fire Service (DFS)
  • Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC)
  • Delhi Police


In order to thwart my anti-corruption efforts, the corrupt people are sending multiple threats to me. These include false police complaints against me, threats of physical harm to me, expulsion notices, legal notices, and slanderous attacks on my social as well as professional status. But I am not deterred and I will keep fighting truthfully against their crimes and corruption to get the culprits arrested and imprisoned.

Some of the active cases that I am currently pursuing are given below. You can click the case weblink to read the full report.


Case Department Report Date Status
Corruption RCS October 10, 2019 Vigilance Inquiry
FAR Crime RCS / DDA / DFS September 17, 2019 Complaint Filed
Rampage by Goons RCS September 8, 2019 Notice Issued
Property Grabbing Local Gang September 1, 2019 Reported
Criminal Gang Air India August 26, 2019 Complaint to Minister
Illegal Construction Housing Society August 19, 2019 Reported
Corruption and Pollution DDA July 14, 2019 Protest by People
Construction Crime Housing Society July 8, 2019 Advisory
Fraud and Extortion Housing Society June 29, 2019 Investigation
FAR Crime DDA, RCS, DFS, DUAC June 12, 2019 Research Report
Contempt of Court Housing Society May 7, 2019 Legal Notice



Case Department Report Date Status
Illegal Construction DDA / RCS April 24, 2019 Petition
Lawlessness DDA / RCS April 10, 2019 Court Order
Illegal FAR Project Housing Society March 31, 2019 Show Cause Notice
Bureaucratic Corruption DDA / RCS March 15, 2019 Vigilance Inquiry
Organized Crime DDA, RCS, DFS, DUAC February 11, 2019 Vigilance Inquiry
Corruption Inquiry RCS January 11, 2019 Inquiry Reopened
Construction Crime Delhi Govt December 14, 2018 No Action
Violation of RTI Act Society MC / RCS November 24, 2018 Pending
Defamation Case Delhi Police October 22, 2018 Show Cause Notice
Housing Fraud RCS / Delhi Govt October 4, 2018 Pending
Corruption Scandal Delhi Assembly September 15, 2018 Pending
Illegal Construction DDA September 11, 2018 Approval Review
Corruption Inquiry DDA / RCS September 1, 2018 Inquiry Blocked
Corruption and Fraud Delhi Govt August 19, 2018 Complicity in Crime
Illegal FAR Construction DDA / RCS August 3, 2018 Vigilance Inquiry
IAS Corruption DDA / RCS July 24, 2018 Delay in Action
Inquiry of IAS Officer RCS July 9, 2018 Inquiry Initiated
Illegal Surveillance Delhi Police July 2, 2018 Complaint Filed
Bureaucratic Corruption RCS June 11, 2018 Inquiry Expected
Complicity in Corruption RCS May 29, 2018 Case in Progress
Corruption in FAR DDA May 21, 2018 CVC Inquiry
Corruption and Fraud RCS May 19, 2018 Inquiry Delayed
Illegal Construction Court Case May 14, 2018 Construction Stopped
Corruption Inquiry RCS / CVC May 1, 2018 Pending
Risk of Fire Fire Service / RCS April 14, 2018 No Action
Labour Rights Abuse Labour Court March 13, 2018 Summons Issued
Obstruction of Justice RCS February 26, 2018 Illegal Obstruction
Financial Fraud RCS / DDA January 29, 2018 Inquiry Planned
Criminal Intimidation Labour / Delhi Police January 21, 2018 Notice Ignored
Corruption Inquiry RCS January 3, 2018 Notice Issued
Tree Offence RCS / DDA December 26, 2017 Notice Issued
Slavery Case RCS / Labour December 20, 2017 Inquiry
Blackmailing and Extortion RCS December 17, 2017 No Action
Corruption Notice Society MC December 10, 2017 Response Demanded
Human Rights RCS / Delhi Police May 15, 2017 Suppressed
UBBL Violation DDA / RCS August 30, 2017 No Action
Labour Exploitation RCS / Labour Dept. October 3, 2017 Notice Issued
Fraudulent Contract RCS / DDA October 16, 2017 Response from DDA
Illegal Construction DDA / RCS October 24, 2017 No Action
Illegal Car Parking RCS / DFS October 30, 2017 No Action
Corruption and Conspiracy RCS November 20, 2017 Reported

Corruption Case Study

If you want to know how corrupt MC members of a housing society commit various crimes and circumvent the law because of Delhi government’s weakness in stopping crime and corruption, you can study the case of DPS Housing Society in Dwarka.

Click here to visit DPS Housing Society webpage.

As I am working alone for this entire project without any support, please bear with me if my response is delayed. You are requested to help me in this selfless endeavor.

Report Your Case

If you want me to report about your housing society, you may please contact me with relevant documents and details. These details should include:

  1. Your name, email, mobile number
  2. Full name and address of your society
  3. Website address (if any) and email of your society
  4. Names and email addresses (if possible) of all the MC members
  5. One-page summary of the case and the outcome that you expect

Depending on this initial information, I will ask you to give me more related documents. Then if you want, you also can meet me at my address given below.

About Me

Rakesh Raman
Rakesh Raman

I am a government’s National award-winning journalist and social activist. Besides working at senior editorial positions with India’s leading media companies, I had been writing an edit-page column for The Financial Express, a business newspaper of the Indian Express group.

Nowadays, for the past about 8 years, I have been running my own global news services on different subjects. I also have formed an environment-protection group called Green Group in Delhi.

I am also running an exclusive community-driven online editorial service under the banner “Clean House” to help the suffering residents of Delhi raise their voice against the growing corruption and injustice particularly in group housing societies where millions of people live.

I edit The Integrity Bulletin newsletter which covers corruption issues in India and abroad. I also publish Real Voter digital magazine that focuses on politics and governance in India.

I have formed a free Education and Career Counselling Center for deserving children at a poor J.J. Colony in Dwarka, New Delhi under my NGO – RMN Foundation.

Earlier, I had been associated with the United Nations (UN) through United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as a digital media expert to help businesses use technology for brand marketing and business development.


Rakesh Raman
463, DPS Apts., Plot No. 16, Sector 4
Dwarka, Phase I, New Delhi 110 078

You may please contact me on my email.

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