Giant Monopoly Cat Spotted in London

To celebrate the launch of the Monopoly Cat token, a larger than life Monopoly Cat has arrived in London – in a bid to show the Scottie Dog exactly who’s really the top dog in the fast-dealing property turf war.

“We know that cat lovers around the world will be happy to welcome the new cat token into the MONOPOLY game,” said Eric Nyman, senior vice president and global brand leader for Hasbro Gaming.

“While we’re a bit sad to see the iron go, the cat token is a fantastic choice by the fans and we have no doubt it will become just as iconic as the original tokens.”

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The Cat’s arrival follows a month of voting on Facebook earlier this year, and an overwhelming response from fans and organisations from 185 countries around the world.

The fate of the Scottie dog, race car, top hat and the five other tokens in the classic Monopoly game was put in the hands of fans through a worldwide vote to determine which token will be eliminated from the game. (Read: Fans on Social Media to Decide the Fate of Monopoly)

The cat has been chosen to replace the Iron and has become the newest addition to the classic game from Hasbro. The announcement was made today, July 28.

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Rakesh Raman