Giant Radio with Whispering Trees in Italy

The giant Model One BT Bluetooth radio exhibition complete with a walk-through audio display called “Whispering Trees” in which music is played throughout seven wood trees arrives in the heart of Como, Italy from May 11 – 16 for the “European Opera Days.”

The giant radio installation will be on display in front of Teatro Sociale of Como, located between the Duomo and Las Casa del Fascio di Terragni, placing it at one of the main crossroads of the city amongst history, music and architecture.

The radio display stands 15′ W x 8′ D x 8′ H and is a replica of the Model One BT, a wireless Bluetooth enabled radio designed by Tivoli Audio CEO founder, and designer Tom DeVesto.

The exhibit was conceived by Tom DeVesto and Ilaria Marelli, Italy’s leading designer and architect and head of the Ilaria Marelli Studio in Italy.

According to Tom DeVesto, “The Model One BT hits it big in Italy with larger than life design and high fidelity sound.  This is surely a radio to be seen as well as heard.”

At the opening of the installation, at 11AM on May 11th, the radio will fill the Verdi square with the music of Carmina Burana, which will accompany a flash mob organized by the Teatro Sociale. It is supposed to be like a dance happening in the city.

Inside the oversized Tivoli Audio radio you will be greeted by the design of “The Whispering Trees”, with seven talking trees. Their trunks each conceal a radio, which whispers messages into the ears of the visitor.

The Giant Model One BT Radio installation will travel to other destinations throughout Europe.  For more information on the Model One BT radio and Tivoli Audio, visit the Web site at

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