Here Comes Denise, Your Virtual Assistant

The system developed by a Brazilian company combines computer graphics, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other advanced technologies to perform the role of a virtual secretary, governess or almost human interface for a variety of applications.

“Denise” is a virtual assistant with the appearance of a human being, whom the user can talk to and ask to perform tasks using natural language.

The system, now available for sale over the Internet, was developed by a Brazilian company, the Curitiba-based Guile 3D Studio, using advanced computer graphics, integrated with artificial intelligence software, and voice recognition and synthesis in 46 languages as well as biometric systems.

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“Denise is the first of a series of digital assistants. In addition to female characters, there will also be males and children, since the technology is intended for people of all ages. Other applications now being tested include a Virtual Nurse to keep children and elderly people company in hospitals, an assistant to interact with car computers, and for using at information kiosks at airports and shopping centers, self-service terminals and support systems, and automated call centers,” says Guile Lindroth, director of Guile 3D Studio.

He explains that a special version is currently under development for handicapped individuals that will make it possible for them to control the computer using their voices and movements of the head and hands.

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Denise understands voice commands such as, “check my e-mails,” “my schedule,” “new document,” “look for videos on the Internet,” “movie schedules ” or “play my songs.”

Using only voice commands, it is possible to control the playing of music and videos (starting, stopping, turning up or lowering the volume), as well as surfing the Internet. It is also possible to add and personalize voice commands for specific tasks, says the company.

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In addition, a series of modules can be added to expand Denise’s abilities, such as facial recognition (available soon), digital recognition, electronic secretary, language interpreter, Skype and MSN connection, simultaneous search on several different Web search engines, connection to GPS systems, residential automation or onboard car computers (Car PCs), among other things.

Denise the Virtual Assistant system is now for sale in English at the Guile 3D Studio site, at prices starting at US$ 100 for the most basic version (Premium) There are also two other versions, Platinum and Business, with additional features to deal with more specific needs.

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