How Fast is Spansion Serial Flash Memory?

Spansion, a leading provider of the Flash memory technology, claims that it has introduced the industry’s fastest serial Flash memory, the Spansion FL-S NOR Flash memory family at 65nm.

The product family has over 20% faster double data rate (DDR) read speeds and three times the programming speed over competing serial Flash solutions, says the company.

It is stated that the Spansion FL-S delivers leading performance, automotive grade temperature ranges and in some applications, eliminates the need for DRAM.

Engineers are increasingly demanding these attributes for improving the user experience and designing innovative, graphic-rich, stylish designs in next generation electronics. The product family is available from 128 Mb (megabit) to 1 Gb (gigabit).

Specific applications that can benefit from the Spansion FL-S product family include the following:

Automotive: Instrument clusters and infotainment systems, which rely on 3D graphic engines for displaying real-time driver information and demand high reliability, real-time fast rendering and lower pin counts. These capabilities are required for giving consumers stylish designs with improved graphics and an instant on experience with their digital dashboards.

Consumer: Home gateways, digital TVs, set top boxes and printers, which require smaller packages in a high-density serial interface and advanced security features to protect content, allowing manufacturers to give their end consumers a secure and instant-on experience.

Smart meters: High reliability performance in a cost effective platform for the growing amounts of Flash memory code needed to monitor energy usage.  

WiMax systems: Increasingly require smaller packages such as BGA with high reliability.

Spansion made this announcement today, Sept. 26.

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Rakesh Raman