Is What You Are Eating, Eating You?

In May, more than two million Americans protested against the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food supply.

Now investigator Jeffrey Smith reveals the latest information on GMOs, how they impact your health and the health of your children and what you can do to avoid GMOs in your meals with a new show on Gaiam TV, Is what You Are Eating, Eating You?

“Parents are becoming more aware…children may be susceptible to the impact of GMOs…families lives have been changed dramatically.” said Jeffrey Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

In this new show, available on Gaiam TV, viewers will learn about how some GMO plants become herbicide resistant so the herbicide Roundup will not kill the plants.

Other plants are genetically modified to produce toxins that break open holes in the stomachs of insects, which leads to questions of whether this effect may also happen in humans.

There is no long term data on the impact of GMOs on humans or animals. Leading to the question why last year there were less than 3 dozen independent studies on GMOs which are being consumed by millions of people worldwide.

“The program investigates the role of GMOs for widespread occurrences of digestion dysfunction, immune dysfunction and fertility dysfunction. It is important for Gaiam TV to educate the public on issues which can seriously impact our viewers and their families,” said Paul Richardson, Gaiam TV vice president of marketing.

The December episodes of Is What You Are Eating, Eating You? include:

Episode 1: What are GMOs?
Episode 2: What do GMOs do to our health?
Episode 3: Avoiding GMOs

According to Gaiam TV, there is no current law in the U.S. requiring food producers to label products as GMO, although organic farmers and a growing number of brands are voluntarily letting consumers know their foods are non-GMO. GMO labeling is currently required in 64 other countries around the globe.

Gaiam TV is a streaming video subscription service that offers exclusive, ad-free streaming of over 5,000 films, documentaries, and original programs dedicated to transformational media, alternative knowledge, personal growth, and spirituality.

Photo courtesy: Gaiam TV

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Rakesh Raman

  • David Smart III

    Knowing that a tomato is a first off a fruit is common knowledge. Knowing not to place it into your cook’s fruity salad is wisdom.

    Terrorist can’t scare us anymore. We use information destroy you.

    The gene that God gives a firefly to shine spliced with a tomato, making the stem and flesh, of this fleshy fruit to strong to eat.

    So your untrue theory goes out the window and lands flat on it’s ass. Please atleast research your articles, with a 9th. grade science before standing in the way of progress. For progress will be forced to run you over like a smashed tomato. Have a happy holidays, and may God bless your family during this special time. david Smart III Ceo/Owner Capital Hill Film Creators.