Madonna Told Girls Can’t Go Wild at Super Bowl

While shopping on Apple iTunes Friday morning, Joe Francis discovered that “Girls Gone Wild” is the title of the first song on Madonna’s new album, “M.D.N.A.”

So what? Incidentally, Francis is the creator of Girls Gone Wild Magazine, a popular men’s lifestyle publication.

Francis was quoted as saying, “I was blown away when I saw our name being used without our consent. I had to do a double take when I saw that it was the number one song on the album.”

So, on Friday, Feb. 3, a cease and desist letter was sent to Madonna, her management, NBC Sports and the NFL from Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis’ attorney. In the letter, attorney David Houston asserts that Madonna is infringing on his client’s long-time trademark, Girls Gone Wild, without his permission.

It was rumored in a number of published news articles that as part of Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, she would be performing her song, “Girls Gone Wild.” 

“Not so fast,” says Francis. 

The cease and desist letter also stated, “Madonna shall not perform or market the song at the Super Bowl this Sunday without a proper licensing agreement from Girls Gone Wild.” 

Francis ended with, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Madonna fan, but business is business.  Maybe the Material Girl and I can work this out over drinks.”

It’s not yet clear if she’d accept Francis’ offer.

Photo courtesy: Girls Gone Wild

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