McDonald’s Saying Thank You with Free Coffee

This week, participating McDonald’s restaurants across this region say “Thank You” to consumers and celebrate National Coffee Day by offering free small Premium Roast McCafe coffee now through September 29.

“We’re grateful to our customers for their long-term loyalty to the Golden Arches,” said McDonald’s regional marketing director Rick Rehak.  “We’re thrilled to share our Premium Roast McCafe Coffee with no strings attached – just visit McDonald’s and enjoy a free small McDonald’s coffee on us.”

Coffee isn’t just for breakfast anymore, according to recent findings by the National Coffee Association. Daily coffee consumption soared by seven percentage points in 2011, moving coffee solidly ahead of soft drinks, according to the 2012 National Coffee Drinking Trends report – reveals McDonald’s.

Free Premium Small Coffee Week at McDonald’s is happening at participating restaurants across the Eastern United States – from Maine to Miami. Visit for a complete list of McDonald’s restaurants where you can enjoy a Premium Roast, 100% Arabica Bean Coffee.

The site also provides customers with access to McDonald’s nutrition information for food and beverage choices, McDonald’s mobile app, toll-free customer experience and insights line, in-restaurant brochures, reverse side of tray liners and select menu packaging.

They can also use the online tool My Meal Builder to mix and match food and beverage choices and view nutrition and ingredient information for customized menu choices.

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