Mom Goes to Kickstarter with Sweet Apple Pie Fries

Sweet Apple Pie Fries

Sweet Apple Pie Fries

Niki Durig of Portland, Ore., has her eyes on creating a national franchise that would share her dessert and opportunity with the country. It’s Sweet Apple Pie Fries!

“We take Granny Smith apples, cut them into thin slices, hand batter them, fry them, dust them in cinnamon and sugar, then serve them with whipped cream and caramel,” explained Durig. “People love them. We’ve sold them at fairs, festivals, carnivals and other events in the Northwest.”

Durig got the idea for Sweet Apple Pie Fries! when she was seven months pregnant, in a bad relationship and looking for a way to take care of herself and two young children as a single mother.

The recipe, she said, “Came to her in a dream after asking God to show her a way to provide for herself and her little ones.”

Durig says she has done the research and in order to create a successful national franchise, she needs funding for uniformed branding, operation manuals, market research, materials, legal filings, a prototype vending unit, franchise documents and sales training. The total comes to about $250,000.

She has decided to maintain control of the operation and fund the franchise through a Kickstarter campaign.

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