Panasonic Photosynthesis Concept Comes in Milan

Panasonic Corporation has opened the doors to its “Photosynthesis” concept installation, showcasing its total solutions for creating, saving, storing and managing energy during the course of the Milano Salone del Mobile 2012, a design expo in Milan, Italy.

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At this year’s exhibition, Panasonic is presenting an energy cycle, comparing it to an ecological cycle that begins with photosynthesis, starting with energy creation (through solar panels), and continuing to energy storage (through storage batteries) and energy saving (through LED and organic LED lights), with each stage of the cycle being controlled by an energy management system.

The installation, which is the first outdoor exhibit for Panasonic, was designed by architect Akihisa Hirata, whose organic vision of living, breathing architecture reflects the open yet interdependent symbiotic cycles in nature, says Panasonic.

Salone del Mobile runs from April 17 – 22.

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