Real Women to Appear in Dove Ads

Are you a real woman? Then here’s a chance for you to show your realness by just showing your skin. Dove’s “Show Us Your Skin” campaign invites women to upload a photo showing off their beautiful skin.

These women can hope to appear in a Dove ad – including online ads and a billboard in the Times Square. Women will be able to search for their ad and share it with family and friends so everyone can see their “spotlight moment.”

Photos will be accepted at or till August 1, 2012. Women are encouraged to wear a towel, tank top, pair of shorts, or a dress in their photo – anything that tastefully shows off their skin.

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Dove is among the many brands that use real people in their ads. Earlier, Gap’s global marketing campaign did it. Taking it from the studio to the real world, the campaign aimed to show how the denim comes to life in various cities by the people who wear it. (Read: Gap’s Marketing Campaign with ‘Real People’)

Developed by Grey New York, the Red Lobster ads featured actual employees and others associated with the brand sharing real and unscripted stories about Red Lobster. (Read: Red Lobster Ads with the Brand’s ‘Real People’)

Beauty expert Jenn Falik joins Dove to encourage women everywhere to have the confidence to participate in the brand’s campaign of real women.

“I love sharing my beauty tips, and how to get soft and smooth skin is such an important one,” Falik said. “I believe when women look and feel their best, they will have the confidence to show it off, and Dove is giving them a national stage to do just that.”

Dove, manufactured by Unilever, is a personal wash brand.

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