Starbucks Petition Urges to Reopen the Government

Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ:SBUX) issued a statement Tuesday regarding the company’s Come Together petition.

It urges elected leaders in Washington, DC to reopen the government, pay the debts on time and pass a bi-partisan and comprehensive long-term budget deal by the end of the year.

The company said petitions are continuing to arrive from Starbucks’ nearly 7,000 company-operated stores in the U.S.

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As of 3:00 pm PT on Oct. 15, the number of signatures approached 2 million. Today, Starbucks will deliver collected petitions to Congress and the President.

More petitions are expected to arrive over the next few days from other organizations and the remainder of Starbucks company-operated stores, the statement said.

In the picture above: Petitions being counted at Starbucks Support Center in Seattle.

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Rakesh Raman