Top Chef Fabio Viviani with iPad App

Celebrity chef, restaurateur and Top Chef fan favorite, Fabio Viviani, has partnered with Bertolli Olive Oil to offer an iPad app, “Let’s Cook!”, to at-home chefs, now available for download on the App Store.

“Let’s Cook!” brings Chef Fabio’s style right into the kitchen and has all the tools to learn to cook with passion, skill and confidence in an easy, personalized way, says Bertolli Olive Oil.

The app available for $2.99, features 16 step-by-step video recipes by Chef Fabio in full-screen, HD video.

You can watch and cook alongside Chef Fabio as he brings flavors to life in some of his favorite dishes featuring Bertolli Olive Oil. In more than five hours of video, Chef Fabio also gives menu suggestions, cooking and entertaining tips, and more.

There’s a special section devoted solely to the wonders of olive oil and more than 100 recipes hand-selected by Chef Fabio, which feature Bertolli Olive Oil.

“I cannot be more proud of this app,” said Chef Fabio Viviani.

Bertolli’s range of olive oils is part of Deoleo S.A., a leading Spanish food company. Deoleo S.A. operates in the USA via its wholly owned subsidiary – Med Foods Inc. Bertolli is a trademark of Unilever and is used under license.

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Rakesh Raman