Vidyo Video Conferencing for K-12 Education

In an effort to provide classrooms and libraries with video conferencing, Vidyo, Inc., is working with U.S. schools to help enhance students’ learning experiences by enabling virtual classes and field trips that supplement K-12 curriculum with real world interactions via video conferencing.

Virtual field trips give students access to people, places and experiences that were, up until now, out of the reach of public school budgets. To further this goal, Vidyo announced that select products within its Vidyo for Education product suite are now eligible for discounts through E-Rate, a federally funded program that is under the direction of the Federal Communication Commission.

At the San Carlos Charter Learning Center (SCCLC), one of the oldest charter schools in the United States, students were recently given the opportunity to experience a virtual science class on the human heart and circulatory system given by the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Twenty-two fifth and sixth graders watched and listened to an instructor who, via video conferencing on a desktop computer and iPads, shared a lesson about the circulatory system while dissecting a sheep’s heart.

Vidyo’s platform enables video conferencing over the Internet and lower-bandwidth public networks on desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones or room systems so teachers, students and subject experts can participate in interactive video learning sessions from anywhere, including very remote locations.

With Vidyo for Education, teachers have the ability to share documents, video clips and other media, as well as add white-boarding functionality to their virtual classes. The announcement was made Wednesday, Nov. 16.

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