Will You Pay $100 for a Hot Dog?

Yeah, if you wanna relish Dragon Dog type of hot dog, be ready to shell out 100 bucks. It’s official, now. DougieDog Hot Dogs in Vancouver, Canada has broken the Guinness World Record for the most expensive hot dog in the world.

The $100 Dragon Dog, which debuted on the DougieDog menu January 23rd of this year, has surpassed the previous record holder, the $69 Haute Dog at Serendipity in New York.

The restaurant received the official world record notification and certificate last week. It was announced today, April 17.

“Taking the title away from New York, I feel like we just won the Stanley Cup!” said DougieDog owner and chief hot dog designer Dougie Luv.

The Dragon Dog, infused with hundred-year-old cognac and topped with lobster and kobe beef, has been a popular addition to the restaurant’s menu and has already been enjoyed by hundreds of customers.

“A hundred bucks isn’t that much to pay for a great, memorable dinner,” reasoned Luv. “Plus the Dragon Dog is great for sharing and the perfect way to impress a date.”

So what does a hundred dollar hot dog taste like?

“There’s no better combination than pork and cognac — especially when the cognac costs $2400 a bottle.”

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