World Record for Combine Constructed from Food

It’s a new world record! John Deere’s Project “Can Do” created a full-sized combine made entirely from food – 308,448 cans of food and 11,268 bags of food to be exact.

According to Guinness World Records, Project “Can Do” is by far the largest sculpture ever built from canned food, more than doubling the number of cans used in the previous record set two years ago.

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The combine can-food sculpture, which is 60 feet wide, 80 feet long and 16 feet tall and weighs approximately 170 tons, was created to recognize the vital role that America‟s farmers play in feeding the world.

The sculpture depicts John Deere’s new S-Series Combine harvesting corn and showcases how new equipment and technologies are helping farmers meet the growing world demand for food by delivering more productivity and efficiency to their farms.

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The world-record can-food sculpture was built Nov. 12-17 by a team of 450 John Deere volunteers including employees, retirees, employee families and friends.

The structure took more than 1800 hours to build and contains more than 15 different kinds of canned food. In addition to the cans of food, the sculpture contains 11,268 bags of popcorn, peas and beans.

The sculpture was on display at the John Deere Pavilion in Moline, Illinois, until Dec. 12 when it was dismantled and all the food was donated to River Bend Foodbank. River Bend serves families in the Quad Cities and 22 counties in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

John Deere made this announcement Wednesday, Jan. 11.

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Rakesh Raman