101 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy

Experience Life magazine and its spin-off sister site, RevolutionaryAct.com, introduced Tuesday “101 Ways,” a mobile app developed with the intent of inspiring positive change, sparking a healthy revolution, and creating a world full of healthier, happier people, the magazine claims.

Based on “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy,” the app nudges users toward healthier daily choices and perspectives, while helping them develop the practical skills and unconventional know-how they need to get strong and healthy.

A mashup of the best of Experience Life magazine and RevolutionaryAct.com, the app combines 101 creative healthy-living suggestions — many of them imperatives, like “Defy convention,” “Get off your butt,” and “Don’t believe the hype” — along with a supply of articles and other resources from Experience Life magazine.

The app features “Browse,” “Surprise me!” and device-shaking capabilities that encourage users to explore the “101 Ways” at their own pace, to go as deep as they wish into a regularly refreshed supply of content, and to share content of interest via email, Facebook and Twitter.

It was developed in partnership with Drivetrain Agency, LLC, a Minnesota-based company that builds mobile and social apps.

“We wanted to incorporate a sense of fun and discovery into this app,” say Pilar Gerasimo, founding editor of Experience Life and RevolutionaryAct.com. “This app is all about reframing healthy choices as positive, self-empowering alternatives.”

“101 Ways” is available for free download in the iTunes App Store (for iPhone or iPad) for a limited time.

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Rakesh Raman