A Different Award for The King’s Speech

Jane Fraser is president of The Stuttering Foundation and co-author of If Your Child Stutters: A Guide for Parents, 8th edition.

“The King’s Speech has truly given a voice to the voiceless, hope to those who had none, and courage to those who struggle daily to be heard,” said Fraser.

“By enlightening the public to the challenges that people who stutter face, The King’s Speech has raised awareness to a level never before seen and won the heartfelt support of the 68 million people who stutter worldwide.”

She added that since its debut, the movie has given a platform to talk openly and honestly about this complex and misunderstood disorder.

The King’s Speech movie is a 2010 British historical drama directed by Tom Hooper and written by David Seidler. The film has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards.

Malcolm Fraser felt the same dread of speaking in public that King George VI experienced in the 1940s. Inspired by the plight of “Bertie”, Fraser, a successful businessman and stutterer, went on to establish and endow the 64-year-old nonprofit Foundation in 1947.

The Foundation provides a toll-free helpline, 800-992-9392, and free online resources on its Website, www.stutteringhelp.org, including services, referrals and support to people who stutter and their families, as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering.

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